Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Way Lens and Palmer Davis

Two Way Lens proudly presents Palmer Davis

I am very happy that I could add another wonderful photographer to my project.

This month it is Palmer Davis.

When I saw Palmer's work the first time on Culturehall, I was fascinated by the dream like quality and beautiful painterly aesthetic of his photographs.

I have the absolute pleasure to show works from Palmer's newest body of work "American Stories" here on The Truth Of Beauty and on Two Way Lens.

Please visit his website and see much more of his wonderful photography.

All images below are from Palmer Davis' series American Stories

Country Road

Looking Glass


Party Balloons

Boxes in the Attic

Orange Car

Adirondack Cabin

Back Alley

What Remains

Back Porch

After a Snowfall

© copyright all images Palmer Davis

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Anonymous said...

Palmer Davis is a talent !