Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two Way Lens and Alec Soth

Two Way Lens proudly presents Alec Soth

The last interview for this year is online now. I never expected that my project could grow so wonderful in such a short time and that I could include such great photographers. It was a great pleasure to work with every single one of them. Beside of being an outstanding photographer, everyone is an absolutely charming and nice person.

For the end of season I am excited and happy to add Alec Soth. He spontaneously agreed to answer my questions and we had many very nice and inspiring email contacts.

Thank you very much for your contribution Alec, it is a pleasure to have you in the project.

Please go and visit Two Way Lens and find out what Alec wrote here

For more photographs and a deeper look at the different series, Alec's website is here

Alec Soth, Untitled 11, Bogotá, from Dog Days, Bogotá

Alec Soth, Untitled 41, Bogotá, from Dog Days, Bogotá

Alec Soth, Untitled 53, Bogotá, from Dog Days, Bogotá

Alec Soth, Stacey, South Plains, Texas, 2004, from Portraits

Alec Soth, Danielle, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2004, from Portraits

Alec Soth, Alex, Nicosia, California, 2005, from Portraits

Alec Soth, Jil & Shayne, from Fashion Magazine

Alec Soth, Grand Palais, from Fashion Magazine

© all images Alec Soth

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ahorn Magazine

Daniel Augschöll and Anya Jasbär are founding a new online magazine dedicated to contemporary photography. It is called AHORN, ready to read on the web every month, beginning from January 2009.

Ahorn is a place to discuss about photography and to discover more about contemporary perspectives with critical awareness. Every month one emerging photographer will be selected for a Solo Show. The magazine will also present, on a regular basis, many interviews with and about established photographers.
The principal aim is to give the readers a tool to know what's happening in contemporary photography, and to offer young photographers an interesting place to bring their work to a wider audience.

AHORN is accepting submissions, find out more about it here

Daniel and Anya are not only the founders of Ahorn Magazine but also great photographers.

The three photos below are from Anya's project HEIMAT
Check out more of her work here

Anya Jasbär, from the series Heimat

Anya Jasbär, from the series Heimat

Anya Jasbär, from the series Heimat
© all images Anya Jasbär

The three photos below are from Daniel's project CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE
Check out more of his work here

Daniel Augschöll, from the series Celestial Planisphere

Daniel Augschöll, from the series Celestial Planisphere

Daniel Augschöll, from the series Celestial Planisphere
© all images Daniel Augschöll

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Too Much Chocolate

Now it's official, Jake Stangel just launched an exciting new project called

Too Much Chocolate

Here is what he writes about it:

Too much chocolate specifically aims to serve and connect young emerging photographers all over the internet.

At this point, we all exist in a hazy internet bubble, not really sure who or what is exactly out there. Sure, we all have a handful of internet photographer friends, and we bounce around on informative blogs, but there is a need for a ‘hub’ where emerging photographers can reach out to one another, have a running dialogue, ask questions, just talk, and feel some sense of collectiveness.

There are three main areas on the site, meant to address the following needs:

- Rotating Gallery: Wouldn’t it be nice to be exposed to a new collection of mind-blowing work every week? How neat would it be if THAT photographer then chose the NEXT week’s artist, then interviewed him/her about their workflow, influencers, style? It would be like an internet photo conga line!

- Discussion: Wouldn’t it be great to know you can participate in a living conversation between photographers, like yourself, that doesn’t die within the week? About anything on your mind? In a nice environment of inclusion, resource-sharing, and philosophical dialogue?

- Interviews: Wouldn’t it be helpful to get the advice of photo editors, art buyers, curators, etc. that is specifically tailored to us, especially when we don’t have the money or desire to send out thousands of promos for a 1% return?

This site is just the beginning of whatever we want it to be come. It’s here for you. Click on my name to email me with ideas, questions, and suggestions.

The first photographer in the rotating gallery is Nich Hance

© Nich Hance

Make sure to visit Too Much Chocolate, fill it with life and spread the word!!!!!

It is a wonderful, exciting project for all of us and has to be supported.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Jake Stangel

I came across the work of photographer Jake Stangel. I really like what he is doing. He has great work on his website. Cool stuff!!!

He is also about to start a new exciting project. I will post more about it as soon as it starts.

His blog is also worth a look. Check it out here

The photographs below are all from his project TRANSAMERICA

This is what he writes about it:

“Transamerica” was a project conceived and shot on two separate cross-country bicycle trips I took in 2007 and 2008. The project, shot on 4x5 and medium format film, aims to capture my travel experiences, as well as the vivid and thoroughly American world that still exists along the backroads of the United States.

Jake Stangel, Jon- Charlottesville, VA

Jake Stangel, Ington, IN

Jake Stangel, Lynn and Sharon- IA

Jake Stangel, Kimberlyn- Akron, OH

Jake Stangel, West Lafayette, IL

Jake Stangel, Shira- Early Winters- WA

All images are from the series "Transamerica" © Jake Stangel