Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photograph Rod Stewart

Talenthouse has teamed up with Rod Stewart for a great opportunity to photograph him at one of his shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Rod is inviting aspiring photographers to submit one original photograph that captures "soul" for the chance to travel to Lss Vegas to photograph the legendary singer.

Rod will personally select the winners and the winner will receive a photo pass to capture him performing his magic at one of his shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in November 2011. Travel and 2 nights accommodation will be provided. A selection of the winner's photos from the performance will be featured on Rod Stewarts website and across his social media channels.

Deadline for submissions is August 8, 2011

Read more about this opportunity and how to enter here.

Talenthouse is a platform providing opportunities to the world's creative community. A place to participate in unique projects with artists and brands, collaborate, gain recognition and compensation.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Steve McCurry - The Iconic Photographs

Steve McCurry - The Iconic Photographs is a brand new large format limited edition book which includes 165 of the most famous photographs of the Magnum photographer Steve McCurry.

Phaidon Press publishes this wonderful and very impressive special bound book which includes an exclusive print. Both signed by the photographer.

More about the book is to find on Phaidon Press' website. You can also buy the book there.

Or buy it through Photo-Eye

Watch the video: Steve McCurry shares the story behind his iconic photograph "Beggar Girl"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Way Lens and Joni Sternbach

Two Way Lens proudly presents Joni Sternbach.

I am very happy that I can add another amazing photographer to my interview project.

This month's artist is Joni Sternbach. I first saw Joni's outstanding work in her book Surfland and fell in love with her work immediately. (you can order Surfland here or here)

She makes contemporary photography with an equipment and technic unchanged used since the late 1850's. Her cameras are old 19th century view cameras and always with her on the shoots is a portable darkroom. The process she uses is called "wet collodion" and dates back to the late 1850's. The plate has to stay wet during the entire procedure. It is a bit unpredictable and many times you get very beautiful and unexpected surprises.

Even though Joni uses this very rare, slow and unique technic, her work and her subjects are totally contemporary.

Please visit Joni's website for more info and more of her beautiful work to see.

And please read Joni's interview on Two Way Lens.

07.02.18 #3 William, from Surfland

07.06.15 #2 Jan, from Surfland

07.07.02 #7 Lily, from Surfland

07.07.02 #10 Old Friends, from Surfland

07.08.11 #8 Emily & Janet, from Surfland

07.08.29 #2 Nica, from Surfland

07.08.29 #5 Matty & Ingrid, from Surfland

08.02.12 #3 Surfboard & Flag, from Surfland

08.02.15 #3 Jim, from Surfland

08.07.26 #1 Jared, from Surfland

10.02.08 #5 Hannah, from Surfland

11.03.17 #3 The Mer's, from Surfland

© copyright all images Joni Sternbach

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roj Rodriguez

Roj Rodriguez is a commercial and fine art photographer currently based in New York.

He is a native Texan and since his early ages involved in visual arts. In 2000 Roj decided to move to New York and started as an assistant photographer. He worked with notable photographers such as Mark Seliger, Terry Richardson, Ellen von Unwerth and many others.

Since 2006 Roj pursues his fine art work with the same passion and dedication as he does with his commercial work.

His work has been exhibited internationally and is included in many private and public collections.

More of Roj's impressive work is to be found on his website.

The images below are from the series Mexico

The images below are from the series Navajo

© copyright all images Roj Rodriguez

Saturday, June 11, 2011

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris

I am very excited that my series Lands Of Milk And Honey got chosen for the official selection for the Prix de la Photographie Paris 2011

The series is in the official selection for the categories Professional Fine Art Landscape and Professional Fine Art others.

This is so cool!

© copyright all images Michael Werner

Friday, June 10, 2011


Tom Griggs the Founder and Editor in Chief of Fototazo has asked a group of 50 curators, gallery owners, blog writers, photographers, academics and others actively engaged in photography to pick two photographers that deserve (more) recognition - the unknown, the under-respected as well as not-appreciated-enough favorites.

My selection is up on Fototazo today.

Please have a look and find out more on Fototazo, a fantastic magazine dedicated to contemporary photography.

© copyright Fee Hollmig and Anne Lass

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Oliver Weber at the Camera Club of New York

The fair will take place on July 16 and 17, 2011 at CCNY

Oliver Weber's Newspaper Edition of his book Analogue will be presented there.

Read more about Oliver's book and the Newspaper Edition here.