Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Way Lens and Michael Kirchoff

Two Way Lens proudly presents Michael Kirchoff.

I am very happy that my project continues with another wonderful photographer. This month it is Los Angeles based photographer Michael Kirchoff.

Michael's work is magical, captivating and beautiful. He travels a lot and captures his motifs all around the world and all around the block in his home city.

He received many awards for his photography and since 2006 he is an active Board Member for the L.A. chapter of the Advertising Photographers of America.

Please read Michael's interview for Two Way Lens and visit his website for many more work to see.

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, from the series Vignette

Villa Borghese Gate, Rome, from the series Vignette

Shadow Angel, from the series NOLA Cemetery

Giant Lenin Head, Ulan Ude, Siberia, from the series An Enduring Grace

St. Isaac's Gate, St. Petersburg, Russia, from the series An Enduring Grace

Town Hall Square, Tallinn, Estonia, from the series An Enduring Grace

St. Mikhayil's Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine, from the series An Enduring Grace

Downpour, Vladivostok, Russia, from the series Incognito

Mohawk Girl, Helsinki, Finland, from the series Unintentional Portraits

Giving Orders, Moscow, Russia, from the series Unintentional Portraits

© copyright all images Michael Kirchoff

Sunday, September 19, 2010

David T. Hanson

Colstrip, Montana is David T. Hanson's newest book. D.A.P (Distributed Art Publishers) will release this outstanding book on November 1, 2010

The BP Gulf oil disaster has brought to our awareness the devastating impact on fossil fuels. Yet disasters of this magnitude do not need to occur in order for us to understand the destruction we wreak upon our environment in our unquenchable search for sources of energy.

David T. Hanson's photographs In Colstrip, Montana bear witness to the wounds we inflict on the earth in search of coal. First exhibited in depth by John Szarkowski at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1986, Hanson's photographs of the desolate coal-mining town Colstrip, Montana and the ruined landscape around it signated a shift in American landscape photography from the cool modernism of the New Topographics.

Colstrip, Montana is being printed at Meridian Printing, Rhode Island and published by Taverner Press.

You can order the book here.

Waste ponds and evaporation ponds, 1984

Coal strip mine, power plant and waste ponds, 1984

View from Power Road: Ash Street and company house, 1984

© copyright all images David T. Hanson

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daniel Cooney Fine Art Emerging Artists Auction

This is your last chance to get great photography for your wall.

Place your bid "Now"

Lands Of Milk And Honey, Tiergarten Berlin, 2010

© copyright Michael Werner

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

526 - 593

The images below are from my newest project called 526 - 593. I started it last year and am still working on it. It is a portrait of the world heritage site Upper Rhine Valley. More to come!

© copyright all images Michael Werner

Monday, September 06, 2010

Palmer Davis on Flak Photo

Congratulations Palmer Davis for getting featured on Andy Adam's fabulous Flak Photo.

Palmer has also a very insightful interview up on my project Two Way Lens. Make sure to read it and please visit his website as well.

American Gothic, Martha's Vineyard, 2009, from the series American Stories

© copyright Palmer Davis

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Unless You Will Issue 9

UYW - Unless You Will Issue 9 is out now.

I am so excited that my series Greater Lakes is featured in the photographic magazine UYW - Unless You Will.

Unless You Will created and founded by Heidi Romano is an online journal that showcases a vision within photo-based art. The goal of UYW is to bring together a collection of notable photographers from around the world and present their work.

I am so proud to be included in this extraordinary magazine together with Graham Miller, Alessandro Imbriaco, Sadie Wechsler and Ben Huff.

Please check Issue 9 out here.