Monday, August 30, 2010

Jess Dugan

Jess Dugan is a photographer currently based in Cambridge, MA. She works primarily with a 4" x 5" large format camera and black and white film.

Her main subject is portraiture and she explores issues of gender and identity. What she does just blows you away.

I'm in love with her work for quite a while now and can't get enough of viewing her photographs. In her work you can feel the connection she creates with the people she has in front of her camera. It is done with so much respect, honesty and kindness and it touches your heart.

Please visit Jess' website and see and feel it yourself.

She also runs a blog.

A big congratulations to Jess, for being one of the finalists of this years Critical Mass! This is so well deserved!!

Marc and Nicholas, Goldsboro, North Carolina, from the series People, Places, Stories

Cows at pasture, Athol, Massachusetts, from the series People, Places, Stories

Michael, Conway, Massachusetts, from the series People, Places, Stories

Baby Deer, Pennsylvania, from the series People, Places, Stories

Roxane, Wilton, Connecticut, from the series People, Places, Stories

Diana and Chris, from the series Coupled

Justine and Jen, from the series Coupled

Susanna and Scout, from the series Coupled

Alexander and Alexzander, from the series Coupled

Tomomi and Jill, from the series Coupled

© copyright all images Jess T. Dugan

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daniel Cooney Fine Art Emerging Artists Auction

I am very happy and excited to be part of Daniel Cooney Fine Art's Emerging Artists Auction.

The photograph Tiergarten Berlin from my ongoing series Lands Of Milk And Honey has been chosen for this auction.

I made the photograph on my last visit to Berlin, in July 2010. It was one of the hottest days of the year and people just enjoyed a little refreshment under a sprinkler in the middle of the city.

Please visit the auction site, place your bid and enjoy the summer in the city with this photograph.

If you would spread the word about the auction, I would be more than happy about it!

Thanks for everyone who visits the auction!!!

© copyright Michael Werner

Two Way Lens and Palmer Davis

Two Way Lens proudly presents Palmer Davis

I am very happy that I could add another wonderful photographer to my project.

This month it is Palmer Davis.

When I saw Palmer's work the first time on Culturehall, I was fascinated by the dream like quality and beautiful painterly aesthetic of his photographs.

I have the absolute pleasure to show works from Palmer's newest body of work "American Stories" here on The Truth Of Beauty and on Two Way Lens.

Please visit his website and see much more of his wonderful photography.

All images below are from Palmer Davis' series American Stories

Country Road

Looking Glass


Party Balloons

Boxes in the Attic

Orange Car

Adirondack Cabin

Back Alley

What Remains

Back Porch

After a Snowfall

© copyright all images Palmer Davis

Monday, August 23, 2010

James Friedman - New Website

I am very excited about the launch of James Friedman's Website.

He is one of my favorite photographers, the one I've learned so much from and the one who is my best adviser and friend.

James is one of America's great photographers. He worked with Imogen Cunningham and Minor White, he received so many outstanding awards and his entire life is dedicated to photography.

If you are thinking about getting your work reviewed or attending a workshop or getting advice for your work, there is no one better than James to help you.

Information and contact details are on his website.

Please enjoy James wonderful work and dive into the many projects on his website.

I'm proud that James is also part of my own project Two Way Lens. Read his interview here.

James Friedman's New Website

from the project Blinding White and Other Colors

from the project Dogs Who've Licked Me

from the project Hippos and Me

from the project Interior Design

from the project 1,029,398 Cigarettes

from the project Self Portrait with Jewish Nose Wandering in a Gentile World

from the project 12 Nazi Concentration Camps

from the project People and Other Creatures

from the project Pleasures and Terrors of Kissing

from the project Roaming

from the project Self Portrait with Jewish Nose Wandering in a Gentile World

© copyright all images James Friedman

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Andy Hurvitz

Andy Hurvitz is a photographer and writer based in Van Nuys, California. He also runs a blog called Here in Van Nuys

Andy started a new project of portraits of elderly Jewish War Veterans in LA's San Fernando Valley.

His goal is to assemble a meaningful, historic and siginficant record of these elderly veterans before they die. Their contribution to America, as well as their lives and sacrifices, should be remembered and honored.

Andy became acquainted with these retired soldiers through his own 89 year old Uncle, who is the Commander of Post #603, Jewish War Veterans, based in North Hills, CA. His Uncle also served in the South Pacific during WWII.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley and its founder, Dr. Gerald Fecht has endorsed his project. But they are not funding it.

You can do a very good thing and help Andy funding his project.

Please visit Andy's project site to find out more about the project and how to support it.

For 50 Dollars you will receive a large size 11" x 14" print with the veteran of your choice made on professional grade photographic paper.

For 100 Dollars you will receive THREE large size prints with the veterans of your choice.

© copyright all images Andy Hurvitz

Dave Bown Projects 1st. Semiannual Competition

Dave Bown Projects launched their 1st Semiannual Competition.

Open to all visual artists who are 18 years of age or older. All styles and media are eligible.

The Juror for this competition is Eva Frosch, Co-owner, frosch & portmann, New York.

Eva Frosch studies Art History at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She moved to New York in 2004 where she was a fellow at the Museum of Modern Art. She worked for the artist Peter Halley, and most recently was the Gallery Director at Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn.

For more information, the prospectus and how to submit, visit Dave Bown Projects

The deadline for the competition is November 30, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stanislav Olehno

Stanislav Olehno is a young photographer from Latvia.

His photographs are beautifully composed in a classic documentary style, mostly in black and white.

Browsing through his Flickr page is a pleasure, lots of wonderful images.

Don't forget to visit his website where you can find different projects to enjoy.

He also runs a blog.

The images below are from his series Single Photographs 2008 - 2010

© copyright all images Stanislav Olehno

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer in the city

Berlin, Neues Museum, 2010

Berlin, Alexanderplatz, 2010

Berlin, Altes Museum, 2010

© copyright all images Michael Werner

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Win a photo shoot with Gavin Bond

Win a photo shoot with Gavin Bond

Talenthouse has teamed up with JPG Magazine and celebrity photographer Gavin Bond to open a world wide search for aspiring photographers.

The lucky winner gets the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade and work with Gavin Bond on set during one of his upcoming celebrity photo shoots.

Please visit Talenthouse and submit a photograph by September 9th, 2010 that best evokes the theme of the upcoming shoot, "PASSION"

The winner will not only have the chance to work with Gavin, but also receive travel and accommodations to the shoot which will take place in either Los Angeles or New York.

The winning submissions will also appear on JPG Magazine

For more information or to submit your work please visit Talenthouse.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paolo Morales

Paolo Morales is a photographer and BFA candidate at the Art Institute of Boston.

I was captivated by his work the first time I saw it. His portraits have such a beautiful presence his color scheme is so subtle and warm and the connection with the people he photographs is something you notice immediately.

Please visit his website for more to see of his wonderful work!!!!

From the series Women Studies

From the series Women Studies

From the series Women Studies

From the series Portraits

From the series Portraits

From the series Fleeting Encounters

From the series Fleeting Encounters

From the series Churches

From the series Churches

© copyright all images Paolo Morales