Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Andy Hurvitz

Andy Hurvitz is a photographer and writer based in Van Nuys, California. He also runs a blog called Here in Van Nuys

Andy started a new project of portraits of elderly Jewish War Veterans in LA's San Fernando Valley.

His goal is to assemble a meaningful, historic and siginficant record of these elderly veterans before they die. Their contribution to America, as well as their lives and sacrifices, should be remembered and honored.

Andy became acquainted with these retired soldiers through his own 89 year old Uncle, who is the Commander of Post #603, Jewish War Veterans, based in North Hills, CA. His Uncle also served in the South Pacific during WWII.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley and its founder, Dr. Gerald Fecht has endorsed his project. But they are not funding it.

You can do a very good thing and help Andy funding his project.

Please visit Andy's project site to find out more about the project and how to support it.

For 50 Dollars you will receive a large size 11" x 14" print with the veteran of your choice made on professional grade photographic paper.

For 100 Dollars you will receive THREE large size prints with the veterans of your choice.

© copyright all images Andy Hurvitz

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