Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Planet BAM Shop

The brand new Planet BAM Shop is open now (Planet BAM are Bruce Long and Michael Werner). 
Special themes for photographers and everyone who loves photography.
Philosophers about photography, very cool and a perfect gift, not only for others but also just for yourself.

Please check it out and have fun with our designs.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Old Argonner Kaserne, Hanau

The Old Argonner Kaserne in Hanau, Wolfgang is a former US Army base.

After the last American Army personnel left the city in 2008, the facilities were left alone and nature took over.

In August there was a day where they opened the gates to let people in and I went there to take some more photos for my series Goodnight America.

It doesn't take long and the whole area changes dramatically. Investors are already starting to make money by turning the former apartment buildings into luxurious condos and selling them to people who can afford to live in.

Here are some impressions.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Two Way Lens and Klaus Pichler

Two Way Lens proudly presents Klaus Pichler

Another outstanding photographer just joined Two Way Lens with his interview.

Vienna based Klaus Pichler is a freelance photographer and photo artist. He created an impressive body of work which has been exhibited internationally and is included in many public and private collections.

Please visit Klaus' website grab a coffee or tea and take your time to browse through all his different series.

The Two Way Lens interview with Klaus can be found here.

 Sort: Lemons 'Lapithkiotiki'
 Place of production: Limassol, Cyprus
 Transport distance: 2050 km (linear distance)
 Mode of Transport: Ship, Freight vehicle
 Mode of Production: Outdoor plantation
 Production time: October to February
 Carbon footprint (production & transport) per kg: 0,72 kg
 Water requirement (production & transport) per kg: 448 l
 price: 1,99 € / kg

 Sort: Cuore di Bue
 Place of production: Albenga, Italy
 Transport distance: 1035 km
 Mode of Transport: Freight vehicle
 Mode of Production: Foil green house
 Production time: all- season
 Carbon footprint (production & transport) per kg: 0,31 kg
 Water requirement (production & transport) per kg: 215 l
 price: 8,90 € / 1 kg

 from the series Just the two of us

 from the series Just the two of us

 from the series Skeletons in the closet

from the series Skeletons in the closet

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