Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Ellen Jantzen

Photographer and Photo based artist Ellen Jantzen was so kind to let me have a sneak peak of her newest series Disturbing The Sprits.

I was thrilled about her new body of work and asked her if I am allowed to share it on the Truth Of Beauty.

Here is what Ellen wrote about Disturbing The Spirits:

As human actions impact the natural environment, can artists heal nature? Does art bring “special powers” to the table? If so, what are they? What is ‘art’? What is ‘nature’? What needs healing?

This series deals with both reality and time (past/present/future) and my growing attachment to the healing powers of the natural environment.
Trees teach us about belonging; they remind us that life doesn’t need permission to prevail. Trees are sanctuaries. If we listen closely, we can learn the ancient law of life. They are seen as powerful symbols of growth, decay and resurrection.They have played a prominent role in many folktales and legends and have been given deep and sacred meanings.
But, a tree’s longevity can lull us into a false sense of immortality.
It is this very impermanence that I long to understand through my photographic explorations. There is an ineffable natural beauty.... too great to be expressed or de- scribed in words.
In “Disturbing the Spirits” I am using imagery to convey my feelings about the state of nature, the nature of trees, and how to express their connection to past, present and future. By obscuring a portion of the image through a veil, I strive to heighten the remaining reality through discovery and reflection.

Disturbing The Spirits will be live on Ellen's website very soon.

In the meantime enjoy some of the new images here.

Ellen Jantzen is also part of my project Two Way Lens - Interviews with contemporary photographers.

Her interview can be found here.

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After Hours

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