Sunday, January 31, 2010

Abe's Penny

In March 2009 Anna Knoebel and Tess Knoebel launched the, as they call it, "micro" publication Abe's Penny.

Abe's Penny is neither a magazine nor a book. It's a series of postcards, combining photography and text. Each month one photographer and one writer collaborate and create a series of 4 postcards. Each of the 4 postcards are telling parts of the story in form of photography and text on the back. The postcards arrive in the letterbox of the subscribers every week.

This is a wonderful way of receiving something special in your letterbox, not only bills and advertisement.

Support this great project and treat yourself with something nice every week in your letterbox.

You can subscribe to Abe's Penny here.

The postcards below are from Issue 1.7,
Collaboration: Photography by Skye Parrot, Text by Katherine Krause

© all images Abe's Penny

Monday, January 25, 2010

Black Sheep Pen Interview

Bruce Long asked me for an interview for his wonderful project Black Sheep Pen.

I agreed immediately because this is such a great project about creativity.

If you are curious what I wrote, please check it out here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kevin McCollister

Kevin McCollister is a Los Angeles based photographer. He just published his first book with the title East of West L.A.

His subject is the city of Los Angeles. He writes: My subject matter, muse and model is the city of Los Angeles. However, I'm very careful to only present shots of a city that I hope will overturn many of the preconceived ideas about this city as being rich and glamorous. In my experience, it is not.

You can order the book at: IF PUBLICATIONS, c/o Brooks Roddan, 1020 Palos Verdes Drive, West Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

For more information about the book visit Kevin's blog here

For Kevin's website follow the link here

All images below are from Kevin's project East of West LA

© all images Kevin McCollister

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Way Lens and Russ Martin

Two Way Lens proudly presents Russ Martin

I am excited to start 2010 with another great photographer on Two Way Lens.

Russ Martin joins the line up of outstanding photographers who are already part of my project. His work is beautiful, contemplative, pure and quiet. Looking at his photographs is almost like a meditation.

Find out Russ' answers to my questions here

More of Russ' work is to find on his website, make sure to visit it.

Two Flowers, 2009

Sunlit Wilted Hosta Leaves, 2008

Backlit Canna Leaf, 2009

White and Blue Wilted Hosta Leaves, 2008

Dancing Flower, 2009

Four Leaves, 2008

Shaggy White Dahlia, 2009

White Dahlia, 2009

New Hosta Flower, 2009

Frilled White Dahlia, 2009

© all images Russ Martin

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Max Dupain

Max Dupain, 1911 - 1992 is Australia's most renowned photographer. He was born in Sydney and lived there all his life. He photographed the city from the late 1930s through just before his death in 1992. He rarely traveled to other countries and was mostly interested in documenting the architecture, the landscape, the beaches and the cities of Australia.

His photographs define beach culture and show the typical lifestyle of this great country. His most famous photograph is The Sunbaker from 1937.

I love his work and since Australia is my second home, I wanted to share this extraordinary work from this outstanding photographer.

More of Max's work is to find on his website.

Group at Bondi, 1940s

Lloyd Rees, 1979

Meat queue, 1946

Blue Gum Forest, 1940s

At Newport, 1952

Bondi, 1939

Sunbaker, 1937

Jean in wire mesh, 1937

Sydney Opera House under construction, 1962

Rush hour Kings Cross, 1938

Black & White, Cairns, 1960

Souvenir at Bungan, 1940

© all images JW Photography

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Benyamin Reich

Benyamin Reich is an Israel born photographer, currently living in Berlin.

His exhibition at RISE Berlin earlier in 2009 was called The Third Temple.

Here is some more information about Benyamin:

Benyamin Reich bought his first professional camera and started "framing" his life at the age of 16 when he spent a term at the photography school in Jerusalem.
Born to a rabinic family in Israel he was educated in the orthodox religious school system. At the age of 14 Benyamin moved to Yeshiva, USA.
He returned to Israel with the intention of leaving religious learning and practice altogether. At the age of 17 feeling drawn to the world of photography, Benyamin went to Paris and studied at the Ecole National Superieur des Beaux Artes.
He had solo exhibitions in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

© all images Benyamin Reich

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you.

Let 2010 be the most exciting year so far and celebrate life.

I came from here:
Forster, NSW, Australia

over here:
Incheon, Korea

and arrived finally here:
Hanau, Germany

© all images Michael Werner