Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Way Lens and Frank Yamrus

Two Way Lens proudly presents Frank Yamrus

I am very happy that Two Way Lens continues with another great photographer. 

New York based artist Frank Yamrus' most recent body of work, I Feel Lucky, is a very personal series of self-portraits. 

He created this project between his 47th and 53rd birthdays. Initially titled Less Than or Equal to 50, this series began with a looming deadline of his 50th birthday, as if on this milestone his midlife crisis would magically resolve itself. At the time, typical midlife crisis issues — relationships, faith, career, health and mortality — were producing classic midlife crisis symptoms — moodiness, exhaustion, the desire to make change and some deafening private politics of self-identity. With his camera, his constant companion during this time, he contemplated a lifetime of choices and created present-day images to evaluate his past with the hope of glimpsing his future. 

Franks work has been exhibited internationally and is included in many private and public collections. 

More of his incredible work can be found on his website.

The interview with Two Way Lens can be read here.

Untitled (Window), from the series I Feel Lucky

Untitled (Daybreak), from the series I Feel Lucky

Untitled (Sunflower), from the series I Feel Lucky

Untitled (Watermelon), from the series I Feel Lucky

Untitled (Badoit), from the series Rune Lagu

Untitled (Propel), from the series Rune Lagu

Untitled (Icelandic Glacial), from the series Rune Lagu

Untitled (Evian), from the series Rune Lagu

© Copyright all images Frank Yamrus

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photograph for Robert Caplin and The Photo Brigade

Photographer Robert Caplin teamed up with Talenthouse to give photographers the opportunity to submit work for his online project The Photo Brigade, win fantastic prizes and gain exposure.

Robert Caplin, the photographer whose client roster includes Sports Illustrated, National Geographic and Justin Bieber, denotes true versatility in all of his work. His online community, The Photo Brigade, is a resource for photographers with a similar eye, aiming to strengthen the freelance community and share photography with other like-minded people. 

In celebration of The Photo Brigade’s online presence, Robert Caplin and guest judge, documentary photographer Matt Eich of LUCEO, are inviting photographers to submit their best documentary photograph* for the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in photography prizes and have their work featured on The Photo Brigade.

More information about The Photo Brigade, Robert Caplin, Matt Eich and this Creative Invite can be found here.

Submission Deadline is July 23, 2012

Talenthouse is an online community where artists and creatives can express their passions, collaborate on unique projects with leading artists and brands, share their work and grow their influence. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Natalie Krick

Natalie Krick is a photographer based in Chicago, IL. She earned her MFA in photography from Columbia College in Chicago and holds a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.

The artist's mother is the subject of her most recent series Natural Deceptions. Natalie photographs her mother in different situations and settings and explores clichés used to visualize female beauty, gender and sexuality.

The portraits show so much intimacy, vulnerability, emotion and beauty. You just can't take your eyes off these memorable photographs. They stick in your mind and you have to think about what is behind the situation the subject is in.

More of Natalie's work and more of Natural Deceptions can be found on her website.

Mom with her finger on her lip

Mom as me

Mom in gold

Mom as a blonde

Mom in front of the shower curtain

Mom wearing lipstick in bed

© copyright all images Natalie Krick