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Passengers is a street photography book, focused on anonymous passengers on public transport.

Four photographers who share their love for street photography made a wonderful book about this subject. 

Day by day millions of people are using public transport to go from one place to another. Very often it is so packed that they can hardly move and keeping at least some kind of private space is many times only possible by putting headphones on, trying to read a book or magazine or just staring in the air.

The photographs in this book portrait this situation with respect and intimacy.

Passengers is available as a free download PDF, as an eBook for Apple, Kindle and Nook, as a Paperback on Lulu.com and as a Hardcover from Blurb.

To find out more about the project and get your free copy, just go here.

© copyright all images by the photographers, Marcelo Aurelio, Godo Chillida, Benjamin Julve and Fran Simó

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fat by Eric Tabuchi

Eric Tabuchi's new book Fat - A French American Trip got just published by Matmos Press, an independent publisher based in Montréal (QC). Matmos Press produces, prints and distributes artist books focused on photography, art, and contemporary design practice. 

Pursuing his pop and serial studies of the French landscape, Eric Tabuchi questions the validity of his photographic method in contrast to the considerable power wielded by the likes of Google, which, via his global digitization company, is at last carrying out a project that is genuinely objective. Thus, contrary to his habitual method of scanning the field, Eric Tabuchi has undertaken the exploration of familiar places, but through this parallel world, the carbon copy of reality that is Street View.Consequently, FAT creates a strain between these two levels of perception, which are henceforth known to all as the virtual and the real, the space of projection and the concrete territory. FAT is America, projected through the realm of the French imagination, digitized by Google and at last, compiled by Eric Tabuchi, as a sort of staggeringly condensed outlook of what globalization could be, in the era of internet.

Fat - A French American Trip can be ordered directly through Matmos Press.

More info about Matmos Press other books can be found here.

More from Eric Tabuchi can be found on his website.

© copyright all images Matmos Press and Eric Tabuchi

Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Way Lens and Ruben Natal-San Miguel

I am very happy and excited that I can bring Two Way Lens to another level. The New York based photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel is the first one who starts with my new questions.

Since I brought Two Way Lens to life in June 2008 the main focus lay on aspects like finding audiences and other ways of promoting work.

With the new questions I want to focus more on professional practice, such as process of editing, planning and inspiration.

I hope you will benefit from the new direction and the contributions that follow.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel is an architect, photographer, curator, writer, art collector and consultant who specialize primarily in the art of fine emerging photography. He holds a Bachelor and Master Degree in Architecture from Boston Architectural College and Finance and Business Administration from Boston University.

For the past eight years during the summer months, Ruben has traveled by bicycle throughout Upper Manhattan camera in hand in search of what is like to live in NYC areas that, till most recently and for many prior many decades, had been ignored by the government and most of society. This is not the “Sex and The City” Manhattan that most people clamor and aim for.  Ruben has been able to find, not only a vibrant and colorful vision of that other Manhattan but, also a happy, endearing and very meaningful life lesson of what is like when the human spirit and communities make the best of others may considered to be so little. 

His photography work has been in local, national and international exhibitions galleries and art fairs and published by magazines such as The Atlantic magazine. His curated shows had been featured in The New Yorker and French Photo among many others. Ruben's work is represented by Finch & Ada, New York.

He is also the founder and Editor in Chief of Artmostfierce, one of the most influential blogs about fine-art photography. A must read for everyone interested in contemporary photography.

Coney Island, C.I. NYC. From The Coney Island UnSeen'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Shelial'lee, 2012 NYC. From the ''Subway Chicas On The Go'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Alicia, 2012 NYC.  From the ''Subway Chicas On The Go'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San MIguel

Bodega, 2012 W. Harlem, NYC. From the '' Nocturnal / Activo De Noche'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Motel, 2012 Bronx, NYC. From the ' Nocturnal / Activo De Noche'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Cuchifritos, 2012 E. Harlem, NYC. From the ' Nocturnal / Activo De Noche'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Demolition Depot, 2011 Harlem, NYC. From the '' Demolition Depot'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Demolition Depot, 2011 Harlem, NYC. From the '' Demolition Depot'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Barbie, The American Dream, 2011. East Harlem, NYC. From the ''Holidays N Da Hood'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

On the Bus Christmas Eve, 2011. East Harlem, NYC. From the ''Holidays N Da Hood'' series.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Whitney Memorial @ The Apollo, 2012 Harlem, NYC.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Whitney Memorial @ The Apollo, 2012 Harlem, NYC.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel

© copyright all images Ruben Natal-San MIguel

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carnival in the Neighborhood

Carnival season in Germany again. Today was a little parade in the neighborhood. The next two days are going to be crazy here. The carnival people take over everything and rule the country.

© copyright all images Michael Werner

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mitchell Hartman

Mitchell Hartman is a New York based photographer.

In his work he transfers the classic subject of collages into the digital age and creates surreal images full of magic and beauty.

The images below are from his series Fragmented Vision: Beginnings

This is what he writes about this series:

My "Beginnings" series, looks at relationships of time, movement and people, be it family, gentrification, aging, solitude, politics or the relationship between men and women.

More of Mitchell's work can be found on his website.

On The Platform

Everything Old Is New

A Crooked Mile

Sunday Outing

Up The Stairs


© copyright all images Mitchell Hartman

Monday, February 06, 2012


PhotoAlliance is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the understanding, appreciation and creation of contemporary photography.

They offer a wide range of programs such as lectures and workshops with international photographers.

The next big thing is taking place on March 9th, the 2012 Our World Portfolio Review.

If you consider showing your work to the reviewers you have to hurry. The deadline for submissions is Friday February 10th, 2012.

More information and how to submit can be found here.

Planet Bam

Extra Extra Read All About It!

daily PlanetBam is out now!

I am very happy and excited about the launch of daily PlanetBam.

Planet Bam is a project by Bruce Long and me. You can find lots of cool stuff there, graphic-design, illustrations, magazine covers, T-Shirt and Tote-Bag designs and much more.

Please follow daily PlanetBam and keep up to date about what's going on on PlanetBam.

© copyright Planet Bam

Queen Elizabeth II

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

God save the Queen!

© copyright Michael Werner

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