Monday, August 25, 2014

The Swap

When Stuart Pilkington sent out his invitations for his latest project The Swap, I was more than happy to participate. Choosing my partner wasn't such a difficult decision. I knew right from the start who I was going to choose for my pairing, Bruce Long was the perfect match, not only in my privat life but also for this project.

Now our portraits are on The Swap Projects website and we are happy, excited and honoured to be a part of Stuart's wonderful project.

Please visit Stuart's website to see his previous projects, every single one is worth a deeper exploration. Grab a drink and take your time to browse through his projects.

Thanks Stuart for including us!!!

 "Bruce" by Michael Werner

"Michael" by Bruce Long

© Bruce Long and Michael Werner

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Two Way Lens and Naomi Harris

Two Way Lens proudly presents Naomi Harris.

I am happy that another outstanding photographer joined Two Way Lens this month and shared her thoughts and insights.

Naomi Harris is an American photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

Her work has been exhibited and published internationally. She works as an editorial photographer for international clients like Marie Claire, Stern, Bizarre Magazine and many more and dedicates lots of time and passion in her fine art work. Naomi travels extensively by car with her dog Meggie to work on her different projects.

Her first photo book is called America Swings it contains an interview with Richard Prince and got published by the German publisher Taschen.

To see more of Naomi's impressive work, please visit her website and take enough time to browse through the different projects.

The interview with Two Way Lens can be found here.

 Mad Michelle, Dancehall Queen, Duhaney Park, Kingston, Jamaica, shot for Stern, from the series

 Crew from The Arctic Sunrise cleaning trash from the beach, Svarlbard, Norway, shot for
 Greenpeace, from the series Portraits

 The Ojulu Family's Second Day in Canada, Calgary, Alberta, June 2011, from the series Oh Canada

 Bill Ikola, Thunder Bay, Ontario, July 2011, from the series Oh Canada

 Dick And His Dirty Photo, Haddon Hall Hotel, Miami  Beach, FL, from the series Haddon Hall

Madeline, Haddon Hall Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, from the series Hadron Hall

 From the series EUSA

  From the series EUSA

  From the series EUSA

  From the series EUSA

  From the series EUSA

  From the series EUSA

  From the series EUSA

  From the series EUSA

 From the series EUSA

© copyright all images Naomi Harris, all rights reserved.