Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marc Peschke

Marc Peschke is a German photographer and writer.

Since 2006 he is working on his series „After This Darkness There Is Another“

He takes his photos mostly at night on his travels through Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, the Cape Verde Islands, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The series is evolving.

The photographs in this series are dark, full of secret and power.

To see more of Marc's work, please visit his website.

You can see his work in real life at the Kunstbiennale Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany

All photographs below are from Marc Peschke's series "After This Darkness There Is Another"

© all images Marc Peschke

Monday, July 27, 2009

Me as a Paparazzo

On our last day in Paris, we walked from the opera to Place Vendome. In front of the famous Hotel Ritz we saw a crowd of people waiting for someone. No one knew actually what they were waiting for. We decided also to wait and see. The crowd got more and more and one lady told me they are waiting for Madonna, she saw her children in the park this afternoon.

After a while the Queen of Pop came out of the Hotel with David and Mercy. The paparazzi went crazy and the people started to scream. It was somehow fascinating and surreal at the same time. Hundreds of people, police, security and just because Madonna walked out of the Hotel to a limousine and drove away.

Here are some photos

Waiting for .........

Here she comes with David and Mercy, Lourdes came out first and is already in the car

Close up

The crowd is following her car

Happy people showing their treasures

Oliver Weber - Zeit Online

As promised, here is the link to an article about Oliver's work in the German Newspaper Die Zeit

Please follow the link and read the article, unfortunately it's only in German, but you can see more of Oliver's photographs.

The article is to find here

The link to Die Zeit, the Blog is here

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two Way Lens and Oliver Weber

Two Way Lens proudly presents Oliver Weber.

I am happy and excited to add another wonderful photographer to my project. Oliver Weber is the first German Photographer who is included in Two Way Lens.

The German Newspaper Die Zeit will publish an article about Oliver's photography this week. I will add the link as soon as the article is online. So you won't miss it.

Please have also a look at Oliver's book: "La Gomera Havana Moscow: Photographs 2004-2007"

You can purchase it here

Read the interview on Two Way Lens here

Oliver runs also a blog, make sure to check it out here

from the series Marrakech

from the series Marrakech

from the series Marrakech

from the series Marrakech

from the series Peninsula

from the series Peninsula

from the series Peninsula

from the series Peninsula

from the series La Matanza

from the series Holga Day

Monday, July 06, 2009


I am just about to head off to Paris. I love the city and am already looking forward to spending the next few days in this incredible and magical city.

© all images, Michael Werner