Thursday, December 02, 2010

Good Night America

This is so cool! I received a message from someone who lived in Hanau for a few years. To be more precise, he lived in the American Housing Area in Hanau which is a big and important part of my series Good Night America. Hanau used to have a huge population of American soldiers. They had all their facilities with barracks, housing, schools, supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants and much more. The Germans loved being surrounded by American people and getting a taste of the lifestyle they only knew from the TV. It was a great time with block parties, loud music coming out of the cars, and seeing them carrying brown paper bags from their supermarket shopping.

Guys we miss you!!!!

But back to the story, the one who lived here found images from my series on this blog and wrote a comment. he lives now in NY and is 28 years old.

I was happy to receive this comment and that my images found their way to someone who is familiar with all the things they show.

Thanks J.

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