Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Congratulations to collect.give to their first anniversary.

Collect.give was founded in December 2009 as a place to collect contemporary photography and donate to worthy causes at the same time. The photographers featured on collect.give have pledged to donate 100% of the profits from their print sale to worthwhile causes they support.

Since inception in December 2009 collect.give already raised $ 17.395 for worthwhile causes the photographers support.

Buy great photography, for yourself, your family, friends. It is also the perfect Christmas- present this year. I would be more than happy to find this wonderful photographs under the Christmas-tree.

Below are the two newest editions from David Leventi and Sarina Finkelstein.

David Leventi, Cyclone, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 2005

Sarina Finkelstein, Del Oro Theatre, Grass Valley, CA

© copyright by the photographers

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