Monday, December 01, 2008

Jake Stangel

I came across the work of photographer Jake Stangel. I really like what he is doing. He has great work on his website. Cool stuff!!!

He is also about to start a new exciting project. I will post more about it as soon as it starts.

His blog is also worth a look. Check it out here

The photographs below are all from his project TRANSAMERICA

This is what he writes about it:

“Transamerica” was a project conceived and shot on two separate cross-country bicycle trips I took in 2007 and 2008. The project, shot on 4x5 and medium format film, aims to capture my travel experiences, as well as the vivid and thoroughly American world that still exists along the backroads of the United States.

Jake Stangel, Jon- Charlottesville, VA

Jake Stangel, Ington, IN

Jake Stangel, Lynn and Sharon- IA

Jake Stangel, Kimberlyn- Akron, OH

Jake Stangel, West Lafayette, IL

Jake Stangel, Shira- Early Winters- WA

All images are from the series "Transamerica" © Jake Stangel


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