Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Way Lens and William Greiner

Two Way Lens proudly presents William Greiner

I am exited and happy to be able to add another fantastic photographer to my project.

William spontaneously agreed to be part of Two Way Lens and sent me his answers only a few days after he received my three questions.

It was really a pleasure to work with William on this project. Thanks you for your contribution!!!!!

To find out William's answers just visit Two Way Lens

Don't miss William's Website and his always interesting Blog

William Greiner, Gold Cadillac, Pensacola FL 10/2007 from the series Automatic

William Greiner, Stratford Cows, UK 6/2006 from the series UK is OK

William Greiner, Raised Cottage, Baton Rouge, LA 4/2007 from the series Baton Rouge Blues

William Greiner, Kitchen Mural on Truck, Baton Rouge LA 3/2008

William Greiner, Newspaper in Pond, Slidell LA 1/2008

© all images William Greiner

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