Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Way Lens and Joni Sternbach

Two Way Lens proudly presents Joni Sternbach.

I am very happy that I can add another amazing photographer to my interview project.

This month's artist is Joni Sternbach. I first saw Joni's outstanding work in her book Surfland and fell in love with her work immediately. (you can order Surfland here or here)

She makes contemporary photography with an equipment and technic unchanged used since the late 1850's. Her cameras are old 19th century view cameras and always with her on the shoots is a portable darkroom. The process she uses is called "wet collodion" and dates back to the late 1850's. The plate has to stay wet during the entire procedure. It is a bit unpredictable and many times you get very beautiful and unexpected surprises.

Even though Joni uses this very rare, slow and unique technic, her work and her subjects are totally contemporary.

Please visit Joni's website for more info and more of her beautiful work to see.

And please read Joni's interview on Two Way Lens.

07.02.18 #3 William, from Surfland

07.06.15 #2 Jan, from Surfland

07.07.02 #7 Lily, from Surfland

07.07.02 #10 Old Friends, from Surfland

07.08.11 #8 Emily & Janet, from Surfland

07.08.29 #2 Nica, from Surfland

07.08.29 #5 Matty & Ingrid, from Surfland

08.02.12 #3 Surfboard & Flag, from Surfland

08.02.15 #3 Jim, from Surfland

08.07.26 #1 Jared, from Surfland

10.02.08 #5 Hannah, from Surfland

11.03.17 #3 The Mer's, from Surfland

© copyright all images Joni Sternbach

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