Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Unlimited Grain - Portraits

thiaps - The International Analogue Photographic Society just published a new book on analogue portrait photography.

Unlimited Grain -Portraits is a beautiful collection of portrait photography made with film.

Frans Peter Verheyen, the editor about the book:
Why a book on analogue portrait photography?
More and more photographers are starting or returning to use film. There is a revival going on, he says.

On our website we can see a growing interest in this now called "vintage" phenomenon of analogue photography. We realize that analogue is not the right term and it should really be "photography that includes a chemical process". However, this is a mouthful, so we stick with analogue. We run the THIAPS website now for about 3 years and slowly we grew tired of looking at brilliant photography on a computer screen.

So let's print it. It took us 6 months to create a short list of photographers we wanted to ask for this project. We also came to the conclusion that one book would probably not be satisfactory, so we decided to go for a series of books. For some reason we thought that portraits would be the perfect theme for the first one. Other topics, like landscape, urban, street photography, nocturne and more could follow.

And we call it the Unlimited Grain series.

So now we have 120 pages with a wide variety of analogue photography from large format via
35mm to instant film. I hope this book will inspire you and more people will take an interest working with film and chemicals. Enjoy!

Find out more about thiaps - The International Analogue Photographic Society and preview the book here.

Oliver Weber with whom I did an interview for my project Two Way Lens is included in this book with many other great photographers.

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