Thursday, April 29, 2010

Michael Kirchoff

Michael Kirchoff is a Los Angeles based photographer. He photographs with many types of cameras and film, from a toy camera to a digital model. He uses each as a tool to get exactly the results he wants to achieve. Michael's photography has been exhibited and published widely and garnered recognition from the International Photography Awards, the Prix de la Photographie in Paris and since 2006 he is an Active Board Member of the Advertising Photographers of America.

One of Michael's most recent series is An Enduring Grace

All the images below are from this beautiful, captivating and stunning series.

Here is what Michael writes about this project:

An Enduring Grace is an ongoing project based on the fascination I had with the landscape and architecture of Russia, as well as its surrounding countries and former territories that have seen much influence during it's long history. It all started out as a fulfillment of distant childhood curiosities of Russia, then the Soviet Union as a place where very few people seemed to know much about. I remember watching black and white television in my room and seeing news reporters broadcasting from the center of Red Square in Moscow. That image of St. Basil's Cathedral behind the reporter reminded me more of Disneyland rather than the evil empire of which he spoke Really, how could such a terrible place and its people be so bad when they are constructing buildings that look like that? As an adult I took it upon myself to head for Russia to see for myself, and was quickly caught up in its beauty and scope of this amazing land. I was rewarded with a culture that preserves its heritage by maintaining and even rebuilding at times, a landscape that is held so clearly by its people. No fragment of history is ever lost here.

I choose to inject my belief that these images require drama from the elements of light and shadow to give them their power, and my artistic process to give them the gritty texture and depth they so deserve. With this process I also strive to strip away the realism and highlight the dreamlike qualities of the fractured memories of my early days. Memories that are not always so clear and contain a perspective slightly askew of monuments on a grander scale. "An Enduring Grace" was born from a place where the strength and character of its people are also reflected in the landscape, cathedrals, and memories to its fallen soldiers.

Make sure to visit Michael's website. Here you can see more images from An Enduring Grace together with other wonderful projects to enjoy.

Road to Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Church of The Saviour on the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia

Naval Cathedral, Kotlin Island, Kronstadt, Russia

Giant Lenin Head, Ulan Ude, Siberia

St. Andrei's Church, Kiev, Ukraine

Wooden Fort, Irkutsk, Siberia

Resurrection Gate, Moscow, Russia

Peter and Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

Maarjamäe War Memorial, Tallinn, Estonia

Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

© copyright all images Michael Kirchoff


Aline said...

Michael is not only a fantastic photographer, but a fantastic great to see his work here!

Catherine Just said...

I love this article and the photographs are stunning and inspiring! I agree with what Aline says as well.

Unknown said...

Thanks Aline and Catherine for your comments.