Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Way Lens and Russ Martin

Two Way Lens proudly presents Russ Martin

I am excited to start 2010 with another great photographer on Two Way Lens.

Russ Martin joins the line up of outstanding photographers who are already part of my project. His work is beautiful, contemplative, pure and quiet. Looking at his photographs is almost like a meditation.

Find out Russ' answers to my questions here

More of Russ' work is to find on his website, make sure to visit it.

Two Flowers, 2009

Sunlit Wilted Hosta Leaves, 2008

Backlit Canna Leaf, 2009

White and Blue Wilted Hosta Leaves, 2008

Dancing Flower, 2009

Four Leaves, 2008

Shaggy White Dahlia, 2009

White Dahlia, 2009

New Hosta Flower, 2009

Frilled White Dahlia, 2009

© all images Russ Martin

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