Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Max Dupain

Max Dupain, 1911 - 1992 is Australia's most renowned photographer. He was born in Sydney and lived there all his life. He photographed the city from the late 1930s through just before his death in 1992. He rarely traveled to other countries and was mostly interested in documenting the architecture, the landscape, the beaches and the cities of Australia.

His photographs define beach culture and show the typical lifestyle of this great country. His most famous photograph is The Sunbaker from 1937.

I love his work and since Australia is my second home, I wanted to share this extraordinary work from this outstanding photographer.

More of Max's work is to find on his website.

Group at Bondi, 1940s

Lloyd Rees, 1979

Meat queue, 1946

Blue Gum Forest, 1940s

At Newport, 1952

Bondi, 1939

Sunbaker, 1937

Jean in wire mesh, 1937

Sydney Opera House under construction, 1962

Rush hour Kings Cross, 1938

Black & White, Cairns, 1960

Souvenir at Bungan, 1940

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