Sunday, January 31, 2010

Abe's Penny

In March 2009 Anna Knoebel and Tess Knoebel launched the, as they call it, "micro" publication Abe's Penny.

Abe's Penny is neither a magazine nor a book. It's a series of postcards, combining photography and text. Each month one photographer and one writer collaborate and create a series of 4 postcards. Each of the 4 postcards are telling parts of the story in form of photography and text on the back. The postcards arrive in the letterbox of the subscribers every week.

This is a wonderful way of receiving something special in your letterbox, not only bills and advertisement.

Support this great project and treat yourself with something nice every week in your letterbox.

You can subscribe to Abe's Penny here.

The postcards below are from Issue 1.7,
Collaboration: Photography by Skye Parrot, Text by Katherine Krause

© all images Abe's Penny

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