Sunday, April 13, 2014


I am happy that one of my images got chosen to be included in the curated VSCO Grid.

Please check out the great collection of mobile photography on VSCO Grid.

The link is here.

Thanks VSCO!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014


A new series is up on my website. I added "Salzburg" to the section Cities on my website.

Please check it out here.

The Visitors, Mirabellgarten, Salzburg

© Michael Werner, all rights reserved

Thursday, February 20, 2014

John Edmonds

A couple of weeks ago, I received a very nice email from John Edmonds, telling me that he loves my project Two Way Lens - Interviews with contemporary photographers and that he follows it for quite some time. He told me that he runs a blog dedicated to portraiture and introduced me to his website.

When I visited his website and saw his work, I was fascinated straight away. His main focus lies on portraiture and you can really see that he is passionate about this genre.

The portraits, mainly of young men, are beautifully composed, the lightning and the color range is subtle and very well chosen for each photograph. There is so much intimacy, sensitivity and connection with the models in each single image.


John Edmonds (b. 1989) is a fine art photographer who lives and works in Washington, D.C. He received his BFA in Fine Art Photography from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. A recipient of an artist residency with FABRICA: United Colors of Benetton’s Research Center and 2013 Touchstone Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, he has lived and made work in France, Italy and the United States. His work has been shown both nationally and internationally at Photography Festivals such as Photo LA, Fotoweek DC and Pingyao International Photography Festival and his self-published books are in permanent collections of the George Eastman House, the Indie Photobook Library, The National Library of Australia and FOAM Museum Amsterdam.

His ethereal, intimate and lushly colored portraits of men belonging to marginalized backgrounds—African Americans, Gays and urban young men with tattoos and aggressive, hyper-masculine dispositions—explore the intersections of masculine identity, beauty, race and sexuality. Fascinated by the veiling and unveiling of these identities, his work is as personal as it is universal, social and political.

Please visit John's website and see his wonderful work.

His Blog "About Face" where he features work by early, emerging and mid-career artists of all disciplines, focused in the field of portraiture can be found here.

 Fresh, 2013

 Darius, 2013

 Cory, 2013

 Untitled II, 2012

 Untouchable, 2012

 Two Brothers, 2012

 Three Faces, 2013

David, 2012

 B, 2013

Omar, 2013

all images © John Edmonds, all rights reserved

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Lens Culture Portfolio

I am so honored to got invited by Jim Casper,  founder and editor in chief of Lens Culture, to join their network.

Lens Culture is one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography.

So great to be included together with many wonderful colleagues from around the world.

My portfolio on Lens Culture can be found here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

JFK Airport, New York City

Some impressions from my trip to New York in December 2013.

Let's start with JFK Airport, New York City.

© all images Michael Werner, all rights reserved.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

New York City

Only three more days and we will be in New York City. Can't wait to be in my favourite city again.

Times Square, New York City, 2000

© copyright Michael Werner, all rights reserved

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two Way Lens and Ellie Davies

Two Way Lens proudly presents Ellie Davies

I am happy and excited that Two Way Lens continues with another outstanding photographer.

Ellie Davies is a London based artist. She gained an MA in Photography at London College of Communication and her work has been exhibited internationally.

When I saw Ellie's work for the first time, I was immediately fascinated by the magical and mysterious power she creates in every single series.

There is a strong concept behind every body of work Ellie Davies creates. Before it comes to the actual point of going into the woods and shoot it needs a lot of thinking, writing and reflection about  the story she wants to tell.

Ellie Davies' work is Land Art, Conceptual Art and Photography Art all together combined in one art form.

Please visit her website and take your time to look at all the different series.

And please read Ellie's interview with Two Way Lens here.

 The Gloaming 1, 2011

 The Gloaming 2, 2011

 Smoke and Mirrors Heathland 1, 2013

 Smoke and Mirrors Heathland 2, 2013

Smoke and Mirrors Heathland 3, 2013

© copyright all images Ellie Davies, all rights reserved