Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yaniv Waissa

Yaniv Waissa is a photographer from Israel. He has many very interesting projects on his website.

The photos below are from his series Butterflies I Haven't Seen There

This is what Yaniv writes about this project:

It is unexpectedly now, in an era where life in general and photography specifically, is being digitized, when I choose to go back in time. Back to older techniques, to the good old photographic material. I chose to use a variety of plastic toy cameras, light weight and mobile and a variety of films and polaroids.

I deal with a collective- cultural memory, which I embrace for my own personal needs. I go on a physical journey with my camera; a visual journey of the eyes, imagination and recollection, An emotional journey back in time, to the districts of the memory, districts that contain no comfort. I deal with the present through the past. I capture views, places and objects filled with echoes from the past. A past that is also a present and that lives and revives the memories, the collective traumas and my personal emotions.

I deal with the holocaust, through the camera; I seek to understand, to immortalize something hidden in the sights. I try to ignore the world of images widely connected to the holocaust. I intend to create a new system of associations that will activate personal charges: mine and the viewers'.

all images from the project Butterflies I haven't seen there

© all images Yaniv Waissa

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