Monday, March 30, 2009

WILD THINGS! Photography for Animal Lovers

I've got invited to the show Wild Things! Photography for Animal Lovers at Stricola Contemporary, 3 Wooster Street, New York.

The opening of the show will be on May 2nd and the show runs through June 5th.

Greg Garry curated an amazing show with an incredible lineup of artists. To be in such an exhibition is a dream come true for me.

I will be in New York from April 28th through May 3rd.

The artists in the show are:

Corey Arnold, Roderick Angle, Radeq Brousil, Chris Buck, Boza Ivanovic, Luke Gilford, Jill Greenberg , Adam Krause, Kate Kunath, Catherine Ledner, Patrick McMullan, Perou, Stacey Pittman, Andy Reynolds, Matt Salacuse, Sarah Small, Alexo Wandael, Sarah Wilmer.

Works from my series Vanity Fair will be in the sow

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