Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank you Brieke

A big shout out to the people from Brieke in Frankfurt.

I am invited to the show WILD THINGS! Photography for Animal Lovers at Stricola Contemporary, 3 Wooster Street, New York.

For this show I have to get my images printed and get them shipped to New York. So far everything fine and nothing special. But the timeframe is very tight. The show will be opened on May 2nd. The People from Brieke are very professional and make the best prints in Frankfurt. They work with the photographer very close and fulfill any special need.

I couldn't tell how happy I was and still am to get my prints from them.

So, if you have a show in Germany and need prints in best quality, consider Brieke for the job.


ben said...

congratulations Michael. that is a hell of a lineup. will you have some photos of the installation?

be well.

Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

thanks for your comment. Yeah the lineup for the how is incredible and I'm overwhelmed to have the honor to be in it as well.
I will be in NYC from April 28th till May 3rd. So I'm sure to get some photos of the installation.