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Bill Perlmutter - Through a Soldier's Lens

Seltmann und Söhne publisher, Germany just released a new book with photographs by New York based photographer Bill Perlmutter.

Through a Soldier's Lens - Europe in the Fifties shows for the first time in a book, the work Bill Perlmutter made in the years 1954 - 1957 while he was in Europe as a soldier.

This private photographs were taken in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain and are a historical and photographic discovery introduced to the public 60 years later in this book.

In December 1954, the 27 year old soldier boarded a troop carrier to Germany, to start his assignment as a staff photographer for the U.S. Army Magazine.

The photographer’s view of war-torn Europe is direct and intuitive. Without much background knowledge and with a somewhat biased opinion primarily shaped by films he had watched, the young GI set out to start his coverage. In a discrete way, humans shape his images. With an open mind and obvious interest for his contemporaries, he witnesses a Europe, which is marked by visual reminders of a war that had been fought ten years before. 

Bill Perlmutter was born in New York on September 5, 1932. He began his career with a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Techniques from the City College Film Institute in New York.

In 1954 after graduating from the United States Army Photography School, he spend two years in Europe as a staff photographer for the U.S. Army newspapers based in West Germany. Since then he traveled extensively all around the world as a free-lance photographer. From 1978-1997 he worked as the Vice President of Rainbow Chromes, a company specializing in photographic and digital retouching.

His images have been collected and exhibited by fine art galleries world-wide and are in the permanent collections of MoMA, The Whitney Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian and the Museum of the City of New York. Bill Perlmutter lives in New York.

"Through a Soldier's Lens - Europe in the Fifties". is published by Seltmann und Söhne

Work from Through a Soldier's Lens can be seen in an exhibition at Galerie Hilaneh von Kories in Hamburg, Germany till July 17, 2013.

 Bill, age 23, 1954

 French Post Card Seller, Paris, 1955

 Front, Side and Rear, Spain, 1956

Soccer Fan, Germany, 1955

G.I. Baby, Germany, 1955

Couple in a Café, Paris, 1955

 Hitler-look-a-like, Augsburg, 1955 

 Pages from the book

Pages from the book

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