Sunday, February 03, 2013

Degree by Patrick Norguet for Kristalia

Degree is a new design object by Patrick Norguet for Kristalia.

It is a little storage unit, a stool, a table or all together, depending on the situation. It is pure in its form, simple in the best way, beautiful and elegant.

To introduce Degree, Kristalia had a great idea, they've sent the little object around Europe in order to  let contemporary photographers interpret it with their medium and their style.

The results are below.

Find out more about Degree, Kristalia and the project

 Degree by Patrick Norguet

Jonathan Smith

 Jos Kraaijeveld

 Johan Bergström

Pascal Fellonneau

© copyright Kristalia

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Anonymous said...

Neat project. The wide range of photos really highlights the versatility of a seemingly simple object.