Monday, January 21, 2013

Two Way Lens and Fran Forman

Two Way Lens proudly presents Fran Forman

I am happy and exited that Two Way Lens starts 2013 with a new interview with photo based artist Fran Forman.

Fran Forman is a Boston based photographer and artist. She studied art and sociology as an undergraduate at Brandeis University and then received an MSW, working for several years with heroin addicts. Discovering that she could indeed earn a living in the arts, she entered Boston University’s School of Fine Arts where, specializing in photography and graphic design, she received her MFA. 

Cameras and the newest computer programs are Fran's most used tools for creating her wonderful collages of dream like, surrealistic worlds. Her work allows the viewer to dive into a realm of mystery, memory, fantasy and secrecy. The borders of past, present and future don't exist anymore, a new door opens and anything is possible and natural. The world of Fran Forman is fascinating, captivating and addictive.

More of her work can be found on her website.

The interview with Two Way Lens can be found here.





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