Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Way Lens and Nick Turpin

Two Way Lens proudly presents Nick Turpin.

It's again time for another interview on Two Way Lens.

I am very happy and excited that Nick Turpin joined the list of photographers who are already on the site.

I am a big fan of Nick's work and his passion and support for Street Photography is amazing and unique.

In 2000 Nick founded In-Public an International Street Photographers Group. In all this years In-Public has played a major role in bringing Street Photography to public attention. It has demonstrated that Street Photography is a unique, specific and very vital way of picturing the world.

For In-Publics 10th anniversary they published a photo book called "10"

'10' is published to commemorate ten years of the in-public international street photographers group and features ten images from each of the groups 20 photographers.

"10" can be ordered here.

Recently Nick finished the work on a film about street photography.

In-Sight - The film follows members of the in-public street photographers group shooting on the streets of New York, London, Melbourne and Rotterdam.

This is a must have for everyone interested in street-photography.

More of Nick's work can be found on his website.

The Two Way Lens interview can be found here.

To watch the video trailer please go here

National Portrait Gallery, London

Street Scene, London

© copyright all images Nick Turpin

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