Wednesday, January 06, 2016

New upcoming series: Frankfurt

I am working on a new series in the section "Cities". I already have a couple of cities in this section, Berlin, Strasbourg, Salzburg, Vienna, Paris Metz, New York is in the editing process.

In autumn a photo editor from Travel + Leisure Magazine contacted me and asked if I have some images from Frankfurt for an issue about this city. I went out and shot images to send him. But I have never heard anything back from him, even after asking if he received the link to a Dropbox folder especially created for him with the requested images, no answer at all. (no one even looked at the images). I find it actually very rude and not really very professional. But anyway, it is how it is.

This made me think, why not add the city I live nearby (only 20 min away) part of my body of work about cities.

So here are the first images from the upcoming series called Frankfurt.

all images © Michael Werner, all rights reserved

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