Friday, May 25, 2012

Jeff Seltzer

Jeff Seltzer is a photographer based in the Los Angeles area. He earned a BA in Communication and a MA in Rhetorical Theory.

His work is quiet, structured, very well composed and has a wonderful subtle color palette. He documents our every day urban surroundings, isolates his subjects and excludes people. The result is a terrific collection of photographs who look like contemporary still-lifes. They are captivating, irritating, beautiful and memorable. 

Jeff writes about his work:

My photography reveals the effect of human occupation within the landscape of contemporary environments. My pictures are made to document a time and a place, static treatments of our everyday modern urban landscape. These anonymous, sometimes featureless structures and locations exclude people but at the same time show the effect of human occupation and interaction. I isolate my subjects, creating a head-on, cold and detached Kubrickian symmetry. My images allow viewers to see beauty in the everyday and show harmony in the ordinary and mundane that we take for granted.

Please visit Jeff's website and see more of his work.

His blog Only a Picture can be found here.

Drive Thru

Empty Parking Lot With Cone

A Tree



Shopping Cart Incongruity

A Bush

Tree, Shadow and Arrow

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