Monday, February 22, 2010

Incheon in Winter - new mini series on my website

On my flight back from Sydney I had an overnight stop over in Korea. I stayed in a very nice hotel in Incheon, near Seoul. This is where I did this mini series called "Incheon in Winter". It was a beautiful sight, everything was covered in snow and it was freezing cold. I guess it was also quite unusual for Korea, since the TV channels didn't report about anything else but the masses of snow.

I just uploaded this series to my second website Michael Werner - Plus. Please check Incheon in Winter out here.

© all images Michael Werner


-K- said...

I just checked out "Incheon Winter" and they are very striking. If there were no man-made objects I imagine the pictures would be starkly beautiful. But now with the human activity they're somehow more desolate than ever. I even like the backstory to it even tho I usually try to avoid anything other than the photos themslves. In this case, however,the unpremediatatedness of it really enhances my appreciation.

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

thank you so much for your nice comment. I really appreciate your words and thanks for visiting my website.