Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Two Way Lens and Scott Pasfield

Two Way Lens proudly presents Scott Pasfield

I am very happy and excited that I could add another wonderful photographer to my project.

I really love Scott's work. His current project Gay America is made with so much love and passion and is one of the best I've seen in the last year.

He is not only a great photographer but also a very nice guy.

Read Scott's answers to my questions here.

Make sure to visit also his website. You will find lots of other fantastic projects there.

John Waters, Director, NYC

from the series Adscapes

from the series Adscapes

from the series Moonlapse

Gerry Ginsberg, Poet and Composer, New York

from the series Moonlapse

Miss Rivers, Comedian, Brooklyn, NYC

from the series Adscapes

Emanuele & Francisca, Actors, Mastic Beach, NY

Bernie Nussbaum, Lawyer & White House Counsel '92 - '93, NYC

copyright all images, Scott Pasfield

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