Thursday, November 12, 2009

World Identity Lab

Albert Handler, Anouk Rehorek and Christian Schlager are the founders of the Austrian network World Identity Lab.

It's an interesting project and worth the visit. So please check it out.

Their current project "identity sucks" is very captivating. Teenagers from around the world are talking about their live goals.

What is the world identity lab?

The world identity lab is a non-commercial experimental platform, created by moodley brand identity, that looks into different levels of what we call “identity” on a worldwide basis.
The main focus is identity as an overall theme, in its exuberant varieties. The wants and needs of people and the resulting patterns of behaviour within their specific social and cultural environment is the main area of interest. Micro- and macro identities, identity as a social role, identity as identification with a social group, identity as a summary of attributes that differentiate people from each other.

What does the world identity lab want?

The world identity lab wants to
- discover
- capture
- cross-link
- uncover and visualize

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