Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Way Lens and David Hilliard

Two Way Lens proudly presents David Hilliard

I am very happy and excited that I can add another wonderful photographer to my project. I am a big fan of David Hilliard's work since I saw it the first time many years ago. After I emailed David and asked him if he could imagine being part of the project, and he emailed back and said yes he would like to do it, I was really thrilled.

And here it is, the interview with David Hilliard on Two Way Lens.

Please make sure to visit David's website where you can find more fantastic work.

A must have in every photography lovers bookshelf is David's book:
David Hilliard.
Photographs by David Hilliard.
Aperture, New York, 2005. 96 pp., 50 four-color illustrations, 15x9"

you can order it here

Hulk, 2003

Looker, 2005

Ransom Turned Around, 2008

Rising, 1999

Rock Bottom, 2008

5 Cords, 2004

© all images David Hilliard

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