Monday, July 27, 2009

Me as a Paparazzo

On our last day in Paris, we walked from the opera to Place Vendome. In front of the famous Hotel Ritz we saw a crowd of people waiting for someone. No one knew actually what they were waiting for. We decided also to wait and see. The crowd got more and more and one lady told me they are waiting for Madonna, she saw her children in the park this afternoon.

After a while the Queen of Pop came out of the Hotel with David and Mercy. The paparazzi went crazy and the people started to scream. It was somehow fascinating and surreal at the same time. Hundreds of people, police, security and just because Madonna walked out of the Hotel to a limousine and drove away.

Here are some photos

Waiting for .........

Here she comes with David and Mercy, Lourdes came out first and is already in the car

Close up

The crowd is following her car

Happy people showing their treasures

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