Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Making of Art

© Schirn Kunsthalle

On the weekend we went to see the new exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt.
The show is really great, with fantastic artists and a very interesting theme. If you are in Frankfurt, make sure to see the exhibition.

Here is the official introduction to the show:

These days people love art – especially contemporary art, which has become a constantly growing cultural factor. Fascinated by the artists’ creative milieu, the public strives to share in its atmosphere of being something special. This exhibition offers a look behind the scenes of the contemporary art world in which the triangle of artist, artwork, and viewer has long since been expanded many times over. The relationships between artist, collector, gallerist, curator, and critic frequently inform the works’ very contents, and these aspects are increasingly represented in the works themselves. Artists – such as John Baldessari, Joseph Beuys, Tracey Emin, Fischli/Weiss, Ryan Gander, Christian Jankowski, Louise Lawler, Jonathan Monk, Nedko Solakov, Mladen Stilinovic, Andy Warhol/Jean-Michel Basquiat, or Ai Weiwei – keep an eye on what happens in the art world and reflect the more and more lavish trade: from the creative process and the mounting of an exhibition to the rituals of the scene. A time of upheaval like the one we witness today lends all the more urgency to exploring this complex network.
Curator: Dr. Martina Weinhart (Schirn)

The exhibition runs trough August 30

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