Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Way Lens and Susan Wides

Two Way Lens proudly presents Susan Wides

I am happy and excited that another wonderful photographer is now part of Two Way Lens.

I came across Susan's work through my friend Jan Harrison and immediately fell in love with it.

I emailed Susan and she agreed to do the interview. After this, we exchanged many emails and we planned to meet while I was in New York. Unfortunately the timeframe was to tight and Susan was very busy. But next time we will make it for sure.

Susan, thank you for being part of Two Way Lens!!

Please check out Susan's website, you will find many more fantastic projects there.

Susan's interview on Two Way Lens is to find here

Mannahatta 7.18.07 (Bryant Park)

Mannahatta 7.20.07 (Union Square)

Mannahatta 1.17.07 (From East 29 St.)

Mannahatta 8.13.07 (Floating Pool)

Mannahatta 1.25.99 (Fresh Kills)

Mannahatta 9.21.98 (125 St. after Abbott)

Mannahatta 7.25.07 (From Bubba Gumps)

© all images Susan Wides

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