Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Four

Day Four is a publication, currently made out of Munich. Germany by Fiona Hayes, editor and art director of D4.

Every issue has a special theme. The current one is: The New Constellations

This is what Fiona writes about Day Four:

What is dayfour?

Dayfour is a magazine of personal work, mainly by photographers. Like any magazine, it has a variety of contributors, runs collections of (visual) articles, and is printed and published periodically. Some people call it a book, because, well, it looks like a book. In fact it is produced more like an album: issues are put out once a year, each one built around a theme. Dayfour magazine is printed digitally in a very small, numbered, limited edition (we don't have much money). It is produced annually so we can put lots of thought into each issue (and carry on with the day job). The worldwide publishing industry does a great deal of damage to the environment, and so dayfour makes a virtue of being small and an effort to be beautiful.

Why 'dayfour'?

In an ideal world, we could work for a living three days a week. On the fourth day we'd work on whatever we are drawn to, intrigued or fascinated by. Personal stuff. The work we do for love. Dayfour is all about working for love. (And having a three-day weekend.)

What's the background?

Dayfour was launched in London in 2002. The idea for a magazine of photographers' personal work came out of many years' experience in editorial art direction. Often the pictures photographers took for themselves were more exciting than those they were commissioned to do. We started to put together collections of photographs, based around themes, and to show these collections to people who might commission the photographers. So far there have been six issues, the latest produced out of Munich, Germany.

Make sure to check it out and have a great time with Day Four

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