Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paris Photo

Michael Werner, Sapeurs Pompiers Paris, 2008

Michael Werner, One for the album, Place du Louvre Paris, 2008

Another big event for Photography opens today. Paris Photo, the worlds premier fair for photography. So, at the moment Europe is the center for photography in the world, which is very exciting not only for us Europeans, but for the whole photography world.

The text from the official website is as follows:

Since it first began more than a decade ago, Paris Photo has won recognition as the world's premier fair for still photography. This unique event offers a panorama of fine art photography from its early days to the present day, and presents a forward-looking overview of global trends and expressions available in this medium.

The 2008 edition, which brings together some one hundred galleries and publishers from around the world, will coincide with Paris Photography Month, making the City of Lights the international epicentre of art photography.

* 40,000 visitors (40 % from abroad).
* 120 exhibitors - galleries, publishers and magazines - from some 20 countries.
* Work by more than 500 international photographers.
* Media coverage with 500 stories in the most prestigious international news outlets.
* 1,000 accredited journalists from 50 countries.

If you want to know more about this event, check it out here


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