Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Way Lens and Lori Nix

Two Way Lens is proud to present Lori Nix

I love Lori's work from the first time I saw it on her website. When I asked her to be part of Two Way Lens, she agreed immediately.

Today I could add her answers to my project. So, now you have to visit Two Way Lens to find out what Lori told me. It's as always very interesting.

Her website is full of great work from different series, make sure to visit her website as well.

Lori Nix, Ice Storm (from Accidentally Kansas)

Lori Nix, Majestic (from The City)

Lori Nix, Museum of Art (from The City)

Lori Nix, Parade (from Lost)
© all images Lori Nix

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