Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anniversary Show-Opening

Today was the opening of a group show I am in. It's the anniversary exhibition of an artist run gallery in Hanau, about 20 min. from Frankfurt. There was an "angel" from Australia who played the violin and two performance artists who did a performance. After all the speeches they had a huge buffet with local delicacies. The opening was totally crowded so that you could hardly move. But it was very nice. Here are some impressions.


Pod said...

hey! congratulations! hope you enjoyed it!

Unknown said...

Hi Pod,
thanks for your comment. It was really nice and fun.

By the way, yes I know Blinky Bill is an Aussie name, that's why I chose it. And the name fits totally, he is absolutely like the little koala.

Hope you are fine and things are going well!!!!

Pod said...

i'm at the beach house now, so everything is great! thank you kind sir. i hope you are well too!

Unknown said...

sounds great being at the beach house! Enjoy the time and have a swim for me!

Here it's quite cold, but I'm fine, enjoying the time before Christmas, with Christmas markets and all of this.