Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hasselblad Award 2007: Nan Goldin

Nan and Brian in bed, NYC, 1983 ©Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin is the Hasselblad Award Winner 2007!

The Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography
The Hasselblad award is an international photography award, made for the first time in 1980. It has been presented annually since then, with the exception with the year of Erna Hasselblad’s death, 1983.

The Hasselblad award is the most important prize in photography in the world today, and the award ceremony has become a international event of unique prestige, with award winners of great international renown.

The Foundation's citation:

Nan Goldin is one of the most significant photographers of our time. She has been documenting her own life and that of her friends – her extended family – for more than 30 years, focusing on the urban scene in New York and Europe in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, marked so dramatically by HIV and AIDS. Her work, while based on the direct esthetics of snapshot photography, presents her personal life as work of arts; intimate, formally beautiful, and with intense use of color. The presentation of her work in the form of slide shows resonates in the work of photographers of more than one generation. Her use of photography as a memoir, as a means of protection against loss and as an act of preservation responds to the needs of our times.

Although I doubt that Nan will ever read or find my blog. I want to tell her that I absolutely love her work and her many photo books are my all time favorites.

Nan I love you, you are my hero!


Saline County, Arkansas Photos said...

She looks like she's there for love. He looks like he's there for something else.

Unknown said...

Yeah, it seems so, but who knows!